Novation Release Circuit 1.6 Groove Box Upgrade

Panning, FX Muting, Pad Dimming & Micro Steps

Novation’s Circuit groove box continues to evolve ever-further, growing from simple but versatile beginnings to comprehensive possibilities. Delivering on the requests of their passionate following, Novation have tweaked the Circuit to to pack in even more features.

The main updates included in the Circuit 1.6 is the ability to use the knobs to pan - something that was missing until this point - with the octave up buttons transforming into pan pots in mixer mode.


Other features include an FX mute button, the frequently-requested ability to dim the pads, and the addition of micro-steps - so that you can now use an additional six sequencer steps in between the usual steps. Novation have increased the resolution of the sequencer, so that you can now squeeze in an additional six steps between each regular step.


You can catch more details on Circuit 1.6 in the following videos below:




Novation is distributed in Australia via Innovative Music Australia.