Reviewed: Blue Microphones Yeti Pro Studio Microphone

Innovative Music | | Expect to Pay: $399

This is the microphone that can do it all, for musicians, podcasters, engineers, interviewers and just about anyone else. It’s a breath of fresh air to see a manufacturer focused on producing a microphone that’s ideal for beginners, yet still delivers the quality that would be expected by more advanced users. Anyone serious about audio quality and looking for ease of use should consider the Yeti Pro Studio from Blue Microphones.

Designed for use in a range of applications, this is a beautiful sounding condenser microphone that delivers the tonal quality we have come to expect from Blue. Used as a USB converter or direct stereo out to an existing preamp, there are plenty of options for the Yeti Pro Studio. It will work as a standalone device that becomes the entirety of your recording front-end, or can very easily be integrated into an existing signal path just like any traditional condenser microphone would.

Hits and Misses


Great Blue microphone sound

Built-in A-D converters

Solid build, with sturdy stand


Doesn’t integrate with traditional suspension mounts easily


ISP Technologies Announce Deci-Mate Mini Pedal

ISP's Flagship Stompbox Gets the Shrunken Treatment

ISP Technologies have announced a downsized model of the ever popular Decimator Noise Suppressor with the new Deci-Mate Mini, packing the esteemed circuit of the original into a pedalboard friendly package.

Offering a single threshold knob to control the level of the pedal's noise reduction, the Deci-Mate Mini is also loaded with ISP Technologies new DECIMATOR X Time Vector Integration, providing a smooth release response which is perfect for both sustained and staccato passages. 


ARIA reports 6% revenue growth for Australian recorded music market

Earning an Extra $11 Million for the Industry

The wholesale value of the Australian recorded music market in the first half of 2018 has experienced a 6% jump in revenue thanks to a huge spike in streaming subscriptions and vinyl sales nationwide.

As reported by the Australian Recording Industry Association, the recording sector earned profits of around $195 million from January to June this year, reporting an $11 million rise from figures reported from last year's reports. This means that if the current rate of growth continues through the second half of the year, 2018 could be Australian music's biggest earning year yet.


Roland announce Juno-DS76 performance synthesiser

Another Addition to the Revered Juno Family

Roland have announced the release of the Juno-DS76, a new feature packed addition to the powerful DS keyboard workstation series.

Coming off the back of the previously released 61 and 88 key models, the Roland Juno DS-76 offers itself as the perfect workstation for both studio and live musicians, featuring a 76-key interface jam packed with a host of performance and writing tools. Loaded with 1200 patches, 30 drumkits, 128 voices, a microphone input for vocoder capability and an eight-track pattern sequencer, the Juno DS-76 also features an inbuilt USB audio interface and DAW control, acting as the perfect all-in-one workstation for budding producers and studio nerds.



Dave Grohl set to feature on Sesame Street's 50th Anniversary Season

Is There Anything This Man Can't Do?

In another edition of Dave Grohl being rock music's overwhelmingly omnipresent overlord, the Foo Fighters frontman and Nirvana drummer is set to appear in a special 50th anniversary episode of the cherished television show Sesame Street.

In an Instagram post shared by Elmo's pupeteer Ryan Dillon, Grohl can be seen in Sesame Street's production studios posing with cult favourites Big Bird and Elmo, with another image of the Foo Fighter's frontman on guitar hinting that Grohl will be making a musical cameo at some point throughout the series.


Roland revives the '80s with the AX-Edge Keytar

Making Your Synth Slice Through The Mix

Roland have unveiled the brand new Ax-Edge Keytar, a powerful MIDI performance controller designed to elevate your onstage status from lame keyboard nerd to absolute rock God.

Boasting a sleek, modern design with 49 full sized keys and packed with intuitive performance controls, the Roland AX-Edge is far more than a simple MIDI keyboard: it's an absolute performance powerhouse for those looking to make a synth-driven statement onstage. Loaded with ten preset sound banks featuring classic Lead, Bass, Poly, Pad and even Vocoder sounds, the AX-Edge also offers users the option to create their own sounds via Roland's AX-Edge editor app, which is controlled onstage via Bluetooth MIDI. 


Tash Sultana announces Flow State National Tour

With supports from Ocean Alley

Fresh off the back of the release of debut album Flow State, Tash Sultana has announced a massive national tour with Byron Bay bad boys Ocean Alley.

The Flow State 2019 National Tour is promised to be Sultana's biggest national run yet, and sees the Melbourne multi-talent playing huge venues like Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Hordern Pavilion, and the lush surrounds of Hobart's Botanical Gardens - a bit of a far cry from their stomping ground at Bourke Street Mall. 


Reviewed: Waldorf Quantum Synthesiser

Link Audio | | Expect To Pay: $5899

Waldorf are the one synth brand that in my eyes can never do wrong. Although there was one desktop build from a number of years back that didn’t really float my boat, I am always excited when a new super-synth is announced and even more so when it bears the Waldorf insignia. You can imagine my joy when a couple of weeks back a giant box was wheeled in and I took delivery of the newest beast from Waldorf, the Quantum.

Originally announced about nine months ago at NAMM and discussed amongst synth users ever since, it has not been an easy synthesiser to get hold of as production has been slow from the get-go. But it is slowly coming to a point where stocks of Waldorf’s flagship synthesiser are looking to be heading Australia’s way very soon. For those of you who are looking for a real workhorse in sonic exploration, this is going to have you screaming to hand over your hard-earned cash. Straight out of the box, before I even powered the unit up, I was impressed. It is big. It is heavy.

Hits and Misses


Great design for both look and feel

Big colour screen delivers critical information at all times

Huge sonic capabilities

It sounds freaking amazing


I couldn’t fault it. Too good.


Gear Rundown: Les Claypool

Ever Wondered What A Whamola Sounds Like?

To refer to Les Claypool as eccentric is a gross understatement - this dude is one of the weirdest people to ever make music. Renowned for his work as frontman and bassist in Primus, Claypool made a name for himself in the '90s as an unbridled wrangler of all things squeamish and off-kilter, and built an insane cult-following for his ability to somehow shape them into virtuosic funk metal bangers, enshrining him as one of alternative music's finest purveyors of low frequencies in the process. As well as totally reinventing bass guitar for an alternative generation, Claypool boasts an impressive resume as a session artist, writing the theme song to the much-loved television series South Park as well as collaborating with the likes of everyone from Sean Lennon to Death Grips. This week, we're getting weird: strap yourselves in as we nose-dive into the murky waters of sweat, melted cheese, and insane bass solos that power Primus, the worst band on earth.