Everything you need to know about the 2019 Download Festival sideshows

Don't Miss a Show

When the 2019 Download Festival lineup was announced, it made a huge impact. Few could believe their luck that Slayer, Alice in Chains, Anthrax, Judas Priest, and Ozzy Osbourne would share space on an Australian bill. Thankfully, a series of sideshows has arrived to ensure even those who can't make it to the festival can still get the Download experience. Mixdown has organised a helpful guide to make sure you don't miss a single shredded note.

Slayer + Anthrax


Date: Thursday March 7
Venue: Riverstage
Support: Behemoth


Date: Wednesday March 13
Venue: AEC Arena
Support: Behemoth


Pre-sale begins 10am Tuesday November 20

Tickets on sale to general public from 11am Wednesday November 21



5 albums that inspired ‘complex’ by upsidedownhead

Sydney-based producer upsidedownhead is somewhat of an enigma. Arriving seemingly out of nowhere, Ross James is already generating a buzz of conversation through a combination of eclectic sounds, making the most of everything from analogue synths to laptop-driven soundscapes. To celebrate the release of his incredible debut EP, complex, we find out which five records have inspired upsidedownhead's musical journey.

Weval - Weval




Chase Bliss Audio introduces Dark World dual-channel reverb

A Collaboration Between Cooper FX and Keeley Electronics

Chase Bliss Audio has announced The Dark World dual-channel reverb, offering a fully digital pedal with an extremely wide palette.

The new pedal is a collaboration between small pedal-specialists Cooper FX and Keeley Electronics, emulating their own pre-existing models to put two and two together in one digital package. Cooper FX have taken their well-received VCR-emulating Generation Loss and Outward designs for the 'Dark' channel, while Keeley's more traditional reverb takes centre stage in the ‘World’ channel, with hall, plate and spring algorithms.



The 1975 announce 2019 Australian tour

Ahead of Double Album Release

The 1975 are set to return to Australia in 2019 for the first time in three years, just in time to celebrate the forthcoming release of their new studio album.

The tour will see the indie-pop outfit make their way to venues in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth next Spring. The 1975 will tour in support of A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships, their highly-anticipated third record.




7 must-see events at Melbourne Music Week

The World is Watching

Earlier this year, a study confirmed a fact residents of Victoria's capital had long suspected – Melbourne is the live music capital of the world. On an average Saturday night in Melbourne, live music venues estimated an audience of 112,000 people – equivalent to an AFL grand final. With Melbourne Music Week about to hit the city, it feels like the appropriate time to truly celebrate this glorious statistic with a quintessentially Melbourne program. Mixdown takes a look at some of the unique highlights.

1. Civic Sounds Laneway Party (AC/DC Lane, Sunday November 18)


Mixdown's Favourite: Film Soundtracks

Ah, the soundtrack. You'd be hard pressed to find any iconic movie that doesn't have an equally memorable score attached to it. Sadly, a film score is always criminally underrated in comparison to the visual itself (which, admittedly, is probably fair given the actors are the ones telling the story and all). But in our humble opinion, film soundtracks deserve way more attention than they get. We've set out to rectify this oversight by asking our writers to share their favourite film soundtracks of all time.

Name: Eddy Lim

Soundtrack: Inception




Guitar Advice: To model or not to model

Like it or loathe it, modeling technology is now a standard part of the guitar/amp/rig landscape. For both live and studio purposes, amp and effect modeling offers unprecedented tonal flexibility, with companies such as Fractal, Line 6 and Kemper being used by pros and bedroom bashers alike. The last few years have really seen the landscape change, and recently I’ve had plenty of conversations with musos and retailers alike regarding their pros and cons.

While the aforementioned three brands could probably be thought of as the big guns of the modeling world (with a proven track record and countless worldwide users), many other companies have entered the arena. Mooer, Roland, HeadRush and Atomic are just a few, and these additional manufacturers have contributed towards a bigger range of price points and making modeling technology more prevalent and affordable.



Reviewed: PreSonus HD9 Headphones

We’ve slowly seen the product range from PreSonus grow over the years to include more than just interfaces. The headphone market is one that they have been pushing into, offering a small collection of very modestly priced cans that stand up to the task at hand without breaking the bank. I finally got to give the HD9 studio headphones a test lap this month and found them to be surprisingly good. It could be time to rethink what you need in a pair of home studio headphones and invest in just what you need, rather than pouring money into a frequency or two that you can’t even hear.

The PreSonus team has certainly taken inspiration from a range of DJ-focused headphones in the physical build of these cans. They offer plenty of flexibility in positioning, so you can flip the drivers outwards for single ear listening if you don’t want to be totally removed from the work environment while listening to a snippet of audio. They also offer a range of easy adjustments for any size head too, even my giant noggin.

Hits and Misses


Great value recording headphones

Comfortable for long listening

Plenty of bottom end


A little uncomfortable when wearing glasses


Mixdown's top 5 jobs in the music industry (this week)

November 15-20

Whether you're fresh out of uni, looking for a major career break or simply wanting extra money in between gigs, the music industry is a competitive place. To make things a little easier, here's our list of some of the best jobs going around the country.


Paisley Music & Media, a boutique agency representing a huge variety of music festivals and tours around the country, are looking for an all-round music industry legend to be their new PA + Marketing/Promotions Coordinator at their Brunswick East office. While this is a contract role from now until mid-March, it has the potential to develop into a permanent job for the right person.


Skills Required:


The resolutions of Dashboard Confessional

Chris Carrabba is in a constant state of reflection. “I'm yet to master the short answer,” he jokes at one point after talking more or less nonstop for three minutes straight. It's never boring or rambling when he talks, however – he's got a lot of thoughts and feelings to articulate about his career under the moniker of Dashboard Confessional.

Essentially the poster-boy of what became known as acoustic alternative, in which dudes from punk backgrounds would start writing unplugged ballads, Carrabba would pave the way for your Secondhand Serenandes and your City & Colours that melted hearts throughout the 2000s.