Mesa Boogie unveils the Triple Crown TC-100

Featuring Up To 100-Watts Of Shapeable Power

The new TC-100 from Mesa Boogie offers incredible punch and aggressive performance, but is also easily tamed for home use with a flick of a switch.

Mesa Boogie's latest monstrosity is a sleek, polished beast. The TC-100 is the bigger brother of the award winning TC-50, and offers 50 more watts of headroom with added saturation and clarity. 


The TC-100 is an all-tube amplified powered by four EL-34 power tubes, six 12-AX7 and a single 12-AT7 preamp tube. The Bias Select Switch from the TC-50 makes a return to the TC-100, allowing you to swap power tubes to the fatter, rounder sounds of 6L6's, or the warmer, lower powered 6V6 power tubes. 



Rise Against on creating spaces where injustice can’t exist

“It would’ve been very easy to bitch about Trump, and have a negative overtone, but we didn’t want that.” Rise Against has always been a politically-charged, punk-rock outfit – so it’s no surprise that when Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, it had a big impact on their work.

“It definitely changed the direction of the record,” the band’s bass guitarist and co-founder, Joe Principe says of Trump’s win. “We started writing the record pre-election, and we were in the studio when Trump won, when we found out he was the president elect. And Tim, who writes all of our lyrics, he took a step back and rewrote some things.”



King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard release new single 'Green House'

Part Of Their Fifth LP To Be Released This Year

Not many people believed King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard's nigh-impossible commitment to release an astounding five albums in a single year; however, with 'Green House' being the third new single dropped in two weeks, it seems like an album release is looming on the horizon.

Frontman Stu Mackenzie portrays the band's fifth album as "more song-oriented than album-oriented", describing the tracks as "songs that didn't work in any of the rest of the four records".


'Green House' is classic King Gizzard in their prime; a hazy psychedelic dream smothered in fuzz and punctuated with wah. With only a handful of days left till the year concludes, we're crossing our fingers and praying for a release date announcement any second now.



GWAR announce details of 2018 Australian tour

The Intergalactic Rockers Return

Heavy metal heavyweights GWAR are planning a visit to Australia, announcing a four-date national tour in April next year.

GWAR are currently touring in support of their new album, The Blood of Gods, and are set to bring their chaotic live shows to our country for their first Australian gigs since appearing at Soundwave in 2014.


In a statement about GWAR's forthcoming Australian tour, Blothar the Berskerer said, “People of Australia, koala bears, kangaroos, crocodiles, wallabies…lend me your ears…and your skulls, and all of your internal organs…GWAR is coming to turn the Land of Dreams into your worst nightmare. Fire up the barby, we are going to eat Australia!



Mixdown's Christmas Gift Guide: Assorted Gear

Assorted Gifts For Musicians

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and we couldn't be happier about it. But between listening to Christmas songs on repeat and trying to perfect our festive decorations, it's not always easy to make time to find a gift for the musicians in our lives. For those who don't want to see their Christmas cheer ruined searching for the perfect present in a crowd of shoppers on Christmas Eve, we've got you covered. Our Christmas Gift Guide is bursting with gear that we're sure your music mates will love, and this page is especially for anyone in need of a unique piece of assorted gear.

Vitoos DC8 Power Supply

DISTRIBUTED BY: Global Vintage



People who paw over pedal porn and crave clean connections.



Mixdown's top 3 jobs in the music industry (this week)

December 20 - 27

Whether you're fresh out of uni, looking for a major career break or simply wanting extra money in between gigs, the music industry is a competitive place. To make things a little easier, here's our list of some of the best jobs going around the country.


VVV MGMT are an Artist Management and Development Company who operate as a collective alongside 123 Agency and Creative Entertainment Agency in Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia. They’re looking for an ambitious, ethical and experienced Artist Manager to join their team.




Tune your guitar automatically with Roadie 2

Compatible With Almost Any String Instrument

Tuning just got a whole lot easier thanks to the innovative Roadie Tuner, an automatic guitar tuner with new updates in the form of Roadie 2 and Roadie Bass.

The Roadie 2 is an updated version of the original Roadie Tuner automatic guitar tuner. The device works on almost any string instrument, fine tuning it automatically when you place Roadie 2 on a peg and strum any string.



Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes check their heads

English singer Frank Carter has been a lot of different things in his 33 years. He's been the fearless frontman of Gallows, terrifying the masses in reckless (and often shirtless) abandon with his snarling cut-throat punk. He's spent time crooning over big-swinging power-pop in the band Pure Love. He's spent the last two years making a welcome return to rock’n’roll under the guise of Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes. He's also a husband and father when he's not busying himself with the world of music and touring. For a younger and more pop-oriented crowd, however, Carter is part of an especially-elite group: He's one of the many ‘Boys’ in Charli XCX's viral music video of the same name.

“I've been a big fan of hers for a long time,” says Carter on a rare day at home, soon to head out on the road once again. “I got this random email from my manager, where someone on the shoot knew that I was going to be in LA around the time they were making the video. I went down, and the production team said to me, 'We really want you in this, because we have this idea that no-one else wants to do.' I was intrigued, and that's when they lay it on me: 'We want to melt wax birthday candles into your fingertips.' It sounded like some sort of torture method.


Jimmy Page reveals unheard Led Zeppelin material will be released in 2018

Celebrating 50 Years of Zeppelin

As Led Zeppelin fans would be well aware, 2018 marks the band’s 50th anniversary and, according to Jimmy Page, there are a few surprises on the way.

In a recent interview with Academy of Achievement, Page revealed previously unreleased Led Zeppelin tracks will be shared to celebrate 50 years of the band. He also hinted that fans can expect more reasons to celebrate next year with a number of surprises in the works.


"There'll be Led Zeppelin product coming out, for sure, that people haven't heard, because I'm working on that," said Page. "Next year will be the 50th year, so there's all manner of surprises coming out."



WATCH: Guitarist covers all 28 orchestral parts of Star Wars ‘Imperial March’

See The Video Below

Celebrating the release of the latest Star Wars film, The Last Jedi, a guitarist has taken on the mammoth task of covering every scored part of the iconic ‘Imperial March’.

Cooper Carter shared the video to his YouTube channel as a “massive tribute to John Williams, Darth Vader, and the greatest saga of all time.” The cover features 70 guitar tracks, 28 orchestral parts, and 11 guitars, including eight from the extensive Ernie Ball Music Man range.


Carter also wore 13 different Star Wars shirts for the recording, which is just as impressive as the cover itself, if you ask us. Check it out in the video below: