Google launches playable touchscreen AI synthesiser

Meet The NSynth Super

Google has added to their innovative Magenta project with the new development of a playable AI synthesiser that they’ve dubbed the NSynth Super.

The NSynth Super builds on the technology used for an earlier Google creation, the NSynth Neutral Synthesiser, in which machine learning tools and a deep neural network learn sound characteristics in order to then create new sounds from this knowledge.


It’s a pretty high tech concept, and one which has been further developed with the NSynth hardware. The newest AI synth from the Google research team features a touchscreen, four different sound sources, and is reportedly capable of generating more than 100,000 new sounds.



How Sheryl Crow and Melissa Etheridge are still surviving in 2018

Between the two careers of Sheryl Crow and Melissa Etheridge, there are 11 Grammy awards and 25 certifications of platinum sales in the US alone. These two accomplishments by themselves would be more than enough to leave both artists comfortably coasting for the rest of their days, never lifting a finger. To the credit of both Crow and Etheridge, however, neither is content simply floating in nostalgia and occasionally showing up at an “I love the ‘90s” show.

Each artist has been on the road extensively in the last few years, with recent albums – Etheridge's Memphis Rock & Soul in 2016, Crow's Be Myself in 2017 – charting respectably in their homelands, with critics acknowledging their passion for the craft still being present after all these years. This month will see both artists arrive in Australia to perform at the iconic Bluesfest before the two pair up for some killer co-headlining shows in most capital cities.


Dex Audio

Dex Audio help to make the process of manufacturing your music personalised and stress-free. Dex offer their services across a great range of products, including CDs, DVDs, and cassettes, bolstering their appeal with in-house design and mastering engineers with decades of experience. They take care of your project by making sure these final touches are perfect, and even offer customers printing, DVD authoring, recording, and music distribution services.

Location: 393-399 Macaulay Rd Kensington Vic 3031

Hours of operation: 9am -5.30pm, Monday-Friday

Phone: (03) 8378 2266



Tell us a bit about the history of Dex Audio.


Mixdown's Best: Music Videos of the '80s

Ah, the '80s. It's a decade of nostalgia for all music fans - even those who weren't fortunate enough to experience the synth-driven revolution firsthand. From Madonna to Wham! and Bon Jovi to Bowie, the 1980's produced countless hits and genre-defining songs that remain playlist staples years on. The visual aspect of '80s music forms an integral part of its lasting appeal, and the music videos generated throughout the decade are some of the most timeless, innovative, and downright entertaining visual accompaniments produced in the world of music. We asked our writers to tell us their favourite music video of the '80s in the first instalment of Mixdown's Best.

Name: Luke Shields

Music Video: 'Never Tear Us Apart' - INXS




Reviewed: Moog Mother-32 Analogue Synth

Innovative Music | | Expect to Pay: $999

Analogue synthesis has been around for about a jillion years, and yet there’s still a seductive mystery to it. Some call it ‘raw,’ some call it ‘funky,’ some call it ‘chaotic’; there’s something that speaks to us all in the magic of knowing that everything you’re hearing is the result of a physical process rather than an algorithm. The Moog Mother-32 is the first tabletop semi-modular synthesiser from Moog, designed to be used either by itself or in conjunction with a full electronic or modular system. Handcrafted in Asheville, NC, it has the classic Moog look and feel as though it could have been made 30 years ago. And yet here it is, new and different, and sized to be easily transferred into a Eurorack skiff or case, or in any combination of Mother-32 and Moog DFAM units in Moog’s Three-Tier Rack Kit or Two-Tier Rack Stand.

The extruded aluminium enclosure with wood sides features a voltage-controlled 32-step sequencer with 64 sequence locations, low pass and high pass Ladder Filter, two voltage controlled mixers, a classic Moog oscillator with dual outputs, wide-range LFO with audio-rate modulation capability, MIDI input and MIDI to CV conversion, white noise, a modular patchbay with 32 patch-points for extended synthesis complexity, and a CV jack with 16 assignable sources.

Hits and Misses


Huge possibilities via a clever control suite and patchbay

External Audio jack lets you process found sounds like crazy


Maybe read the manual before tackling the sequencer if you’re new to it


Mixdown's top 3 jobs in the music industry (this week)

March 14 - 21

Whether you're fresh out of uni, looking for a major career break or simply wanting extra money in between gigs, the music industry is a competitive place. To make things a little easier, here's our list of some of the best jobs going around the country.


Unify, one of Australia's favourite camping festivals showcasing the best local and international heavy acts, is currently seeking an Events and Operations Manager to jump on board and help organise the festivities for next year's event. Based in Richmond, this is a high level position suitable for an experienced industry professional. 


Skills/Responsibilities Required:


Keeley Electronics unveils Germanium Amplifier pedal

Hand-Built By Robert Keeley Himself

Keeley Electronics has just introduced its latest offering to the pedal world, the Germanium Amplifier.

Each pedal was designed and hand-built by Robert Keeley to act as “the very first, if not the only pedal between your guitar and amp”. Keeley spent hours working on each unit, improvising with the germanium transistors to ensure he made each pedal truly unique.



Pearl Jam announce new album, share first single ‘Can’t Deny Me’

Their First LP In Five Years

Pearl Jam are preparing to release their first studio album in five years, and have treated fans to a glimpse of what’s in store by sharing the first single from the record, ‘Can’t Deny Me’.

The newest album will be the follow-up to 2013’s Lightning Bolt, and the band seems to be keeping most details about the LP secret for now. In the meantime, they’ve shared new song ‘Can’t Deny Me’, which first premiered over the weekend to fan-site members and is now available for anyone to stream.


‘Can’t Deny Me’ was written by Eddie Vedder and Mike McCready, and produced by Brendan O’Brien in Seattle last month. Have a listen below while you wait for more album details:



Incubus - Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne, Friday March 9

It must be so hard for Incubus to put together their setlist when it comes time to tour. With eight albums, countless hit singles, and a myriad of amazing B-sides under their belt, it seems nigh impossible to narrow their discography down to a two hour show of greatest hits whilst also ensuring they plug newer material. This thought occurred to me as I walked through the gates of Margaret Court Arena on Friday night. Needless to say, I was eager to see what exactly the legendary band had in store.

Ecca Vandal captivated the audience with her incredible energy. I had initially thought her an odd choice for the tour support, but it all made sense by the end of her opening track. The performance was confident, upbeat, and powerful; exactly what the crowd needed to get fired up for the headliner.



Eastern Suburbs School of Music

The Eastern Suburbs School of Music takes a modern approach to the traditional music teaching method, personalising lessons to meet the needs of each individual student. Based in Boronia and Carrum Downs, ESSM caters to students of all ages and skill levels, helping you to learn to play your chosen instrument through hard work and commitment. ESSM promises you the "best half hour in your week" with their lessons, offering teaching for a huge variety of instruments from drums, guitar, and violin through to piano, ukulele, and even the banjo.


10 Floriston Rd, Boronia

7 Sahra Grove Carrum Downs

Hours of operation: Mon – Fri 4pm-9pm, Sat 10am – 3pm

Phone: 0421 705 150



Tell us about the history of Eastern Suburbs School of Music.

ESSM has given instrumental music lessons in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne for over 30 years to students of all ages, from beginners to advanced musicians.