TC Electronic Announces the DVR250-DT Hardware Plugin Controller

Based on the Iconic EMT 250 Digital Reverb

TC Electronic have released a new hardware plugin controller as part of their Icon series, the DVR250-DT.

With a straightforward layout, the controller takes its cues from the legendary EMT 250 Electronic Reverberator and aims to bring everything about it to any DAW you desire simply by plugging in the controller via usb, and using it to control the plugin. Featuring reverb, echo, phase and chorus, inbuilt input/output meters for level monitoring, DAW automation and quick project recall functions, the DVR250-DT is designed to add dimensions to your mixes and ease to your workflow.



Cort announce beautiful Grand Regal acoustic guitar

With Impossible-To-Look-Past Burst Tops

Cort have added to their popular Grand Regal series of acoustic guitars with the Cort GA-QF Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric.

No strangers to producing affordable, yet quality acoustic guitars, the team at the South Korean guitar makers have outdone themselves with this latest release. With the Grand Auditorium body shape sitting somewhere between Dreadnaught and Concert-size designs, it boasts a nice big body to resonate with. It also comes in beautiful Black Burst or Coral Blue Burst finishes, complemented by an abalone rosette and a maple top.



Supro and Keeley team up to produce pedal-focused amp

Featuring Effects Loop And Plenty Of Headroom

With the minds of two companies who are world-renowned for the quality of their products coming together to produce an effects pedal-friendly combo amp, Supro and Keeley Electronics have just announced the new Supro 1970RK Keeley Custom.

The little 25W monster that is the 1970RK has been purposely designed to let the pedals do the talking, and provide the best platform possible to allow that. With a preamp and two-band equaliser built specifically for gain pedals running in front of the amp to allow them to drive the amps rather large headroom, especially for something that size, combined with a transparent effects loop for all your reverb, delay or modulation needs, this combo amp is perfect for effects heavy buskers and stage performers alike.  



Electro-Harmonix Announce Mod-Rex Pedal

Brand New Ultra-Versatile Polyrhythmic Modulator

Having been at the forefront of the effects pedal industry since the New York-based company was founded in 1967, Electro-Harmonix has unveiled their latest offering - an all new Polyrhythmic Modulator packing a huge amount of features into one space on your pedalboard.

Boasting four different modulation effects in combining flanger, chorus, vibrato and phaser with EHX's signature design flair and easy to understand controls, the brand new Mod-Rex is one very useful effects suite. Coupled with those, the pedal also contains tremelo and pan functions to add further shape to the original effect as well as three different filter controls and four LFO shapes to further expand the creative possibilities of this pedals output. All of these paramaters can be assigned any of the nine note length subdivisions individually.


Gear Rundown: Muse’s Absolution

We Revisit Muse’s Paranoid Hard Rock Opus in Honour of its 15th Anniversary

Muse’s 2003 album Absolution is 15 years old this week, and thanks to the British trio’s middling latter day work, its special anniversary has been ignored by the music press. Looking back, the record was and still is their defining statement as a guitar rock band; a face-melting mix of technical hard rock and fearful prophecy glossed by searingly modern production by Rich Costey. Absolution’s Storm Thorgerson artwork encapsulates the album’s inimitable otherness- a smorgasbord of 21st century paranoia spanning ecological disaster, Orwellian strangleholds and theological ruin. Mixdown takes a look at the forward-thinking gear used to create the record’s galactic magic.



Manson 007/Black Manson


As It Is

Some albums take an absurd amount of time to codify when there’s an ambitious plan behind them. Take Chinese Democracy, The Division Bell, and whatever the next Tool record will end up being (if we’re even alive to see it) for example. Most of those albums– by proxy of the artist’s often volatile blend of ego and ambition, sprinkled with a tad of disappointment á la the overhyping of their fanbases – end up sounding like shit. So it makes sense that The Great Depression sounds as juicy as it does: it was the quickest As It Is had ever formulated a record.

“It was three weeks before [our second album] okay. had come out,” says frontman Patty Walters. “We had the title, the vision, the message… It was all there, and all we had to do was write riffs and lyrics and full songs. It was such an amazing and thrilling opportunity that we had in front of us, and we were just so keen to embrace it.


Framus D-Series Arrives in Australia

With Seven Models Now Available

Framus Guitars, proud sibling of Warwick Bass, has introduced the D-Series to add a new level of sophistication to the world of electric guitars.

Manufactured with the same high-quality standards as the Warwick RockBass series, the D-Series boasts Seymour Duncan pickups, tigerstripe ebony fretboards, and are even available in left-handed versions without surcharge. Seven models are now available, ranging from the Diablo Pro and Panthera Supreme through to the Phil XG Artist Line.



Faith Guitars Ships Nomad Series of Travel Acoustics

Solid Mahogany Travel Guitar

Patrick James Eggle, renowned UK luthier and founder of Faith Guitars, has extended his guitar prowess to the world of travel acoustics.

The new Nomad series is ideal for the gigging musician, available in either Neptune (Jumbo) or Saturn (Dreadnought) shapes in the form of 590mm, small-scale powerhouses. Each instrument features solid mahogany back and sides, ensuring Faith maintains its reputation for tonal richness. Check out the Nomad series in stores around the country today.



The Melbourne Audio Trade Show

As the third Melbourne Audio Trade Show approaches, founder Gareth Parton emerges as a man on a mission. Despite similar events occurring throughout the world, the department coordinator at SAE Creative Media Institute recognised a hole in Melbourne’s sonic landscape, and so Australia’s preeminent audio industry event was born. In 2018, the free event is now bigger than ever, with some of the recording industry’s biggest names along for the ride.

“We’re hoping each year builds on the previous,” Parton says. “Last year was bigger than the first, and it’s looking good this time as well. We’ve got a large sound stage area [at SAE Institute], and I’m always looking to find ways to use that space for interesting things. I thought this would be a good opportunity to bring all the big names in the audio technology world together and show off what they’re doing.



Roadie Bass Has Touched Down in Australia

Powerful New Bass Tuner Option Now Available

For bass players needing a tuner to rely on, the Roadie Bass from Roadie Tuners could be the perfect solution.

This tuner features all the handy qualities of the Roadie 2 guitar tuner, and also boasts a powerful motor to enable even the rustiest of pegs to turn. Promising to tune your bass in just 30 seconds, Roadie Bass is ideal for staying in tune during a live gig. Bluetooth connectivity also offers the chance to tune up to 150 strings on a single charge.