Musicology: A brief history of the flute

Tracing The Origins Of The World's Oldest Instrument

Here at Mixdown, we spend a lot of time thinking, talking and writing about gear, by default always looking towards the new and exciting. It’s pretty difficult to say when this fascination with music making machines began, but we do know that humans have been toying with equipment for a long, long time. It’s probably safe to say that the voice was the first musical instrument, and following that scientists have found stones from approximately 165,000 years ago that may have been used as percussive instruments. However, the oldest constructed musical instrument to have been discovered thus far is the flute.

The Divje Babe flute is regarded by some as the world’s oldest, though it’s a point of contention amongst archaeologists. Discovered near Cerkno, Slovenia, many have pointed out that the four holes in the 67,000 year old piece of bear bone is just as likely to have been caused by a carnivore’s teeth rather than a Neanderthal’s musical ingenuity.


BOSS introduces wireless Katana-Air amplifer

Guitar Cables Are So 2017

BOSS have treated NAMM 2018 to an early glimpse of the brand new Katana-Air, a totally wireless amplification solution for guitarists of all genres.

Boasting the impressive ability to run off eight AA batteries, the Katana-Air features the futuristic addition of low latency wireless technology and a custom wireless transmittor compatible with all electric guitars. This essentially means that you can bring the Katana-Air in its wireless form absolutely everywhere, allowing musicians to write, jam and rehearse without any cables whatsoever. In addition, you can play along with audio streamed via Bluetooth and remotely edit effects and tones from BOSS' dedicated Tone Studio app. 



Mooer unveil new micro preamp pedals

NAMM 2018 is Providing the Goods Already

With NAMM 2018 announcements fully underway, Mooer are getting their stakes in early, announcing three new pedals based on the circuits of the highly sought-after Dual Rectifier, Friedman and Matchless amplifiers.

Following the circuitry found in Mesa/Boogie amplifiers, the 011 Cali offers boutique high gain, while the 012 Fried Mien is based off Dave Friedman's classic hot-rodded Marshall amps. If you're looking for a bit more spank from your tone, you can't go wrong with the 013 Matchbox, which emulates the clean and crunch channels from the elusive Matchless amplifers.




EarthQuaker Devices announce Westwood overdrive pedal

A Mild-Mannered Gain Overdrive

With NAMM '18 on the horizon, Earthquaker Devices have announced they'll be re-releasing a range of their popular pedals while also unveiling their latest overdrive, the Westwood.

The Westwood is a light to medium gain overdrive, with extremely touch sensitive controls. It's versatile enough to cover a wide range of sonic ground to suit every player's needs - from tepid crunch to singing leads, the Westwood has more than enough virtue alone to ensure its place on your board. 


The pedal's four controls include level and drive, and forsakes the ubiquitous tone knob for both bass and treble controls (+/- 20 dB), allowing more artful tone-shaping to your heart's desire.



Compression 201

Electronic Music Production

Last month, I ran you through the function of a compressor and the controls commonly found on one: threshold, attack time, ratio, release time, and output gain. That’s only part of the story, though; over time, a few different types of compressors have emerged as technology has evolved. Many compressors have a distinctive sound colouration or feature set that makes them more suited to a particular application. This month, I thought we’d touch on a few of the main ones.

Tube or Variable-Mu compressors use tubes (valves) in the circuitry and amplification, and have a fairly unique characteristic in that the compression is not linear - as the amplitude of your signal goes beyond the threshold, the ratio of attenuation increases, creating a desirable smoothness. They’re the oldest compressor design, having originated in the ‘50s, and have a distinct ‘vintage’ sound colouration. They are, by modern standards, slow but still useful as a ‘glue’ compressor - applying a sheen and smoothness to a group of sounds.


Vox Adio Air GT giveaway

The Adio AIR GT from Vox combines simple functionality with malleable tonality to produce the ultimate practice amp for both studio and home environments. Offering high quality sound as a result of modeling the design of classic units, this amp certainly outperforms its 50 watt size. Thanks to our friends at Yamaha Music Australia, we have one to give away absolutely free.

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Mixdown's top 3 jobs in the music industry (this week)

January 10-17

Whether you're fresh out of uni, looking for a major career break or simply wanting extra money in between gigs, the music industry is a competitive place. To make things a little easier, here's our list of some of the best jobs going around the country.


One of Australia's biggest radio networks, Nova Entertainment, is seeking a full time digital and social media guru to join their Sydney offices as Junior Digital Show Producer.


Skills/Responsibilities Required:


The Smith Street Band reveals Pool House Party lineup

Tropical Fuck Storm, Baker Boy, WAAX and more join the stacked lineup

After first announcing the inaugural Pool House Party last year, The Smith Street Band have released the lineup for the day of festivities, featuring a whole stack of incredible local talent.

In addition to The Smith Street Band, who are set to headline the festival, Pool House Party will feature the likes of Tropical Fuck Storm, the psych-punk project of Drones expat Garreth Liddiard, long time pals Ceres, Triple J favourite Bec Sandridge, and WAAX, who are set to hit the Velodrome after a cool run of stadium shows with Fallout Boy.



Shure SE215 wireless sound isolating earphones giveaway

Delivering detailed sound through enhanced technology, Shure’s SE215 sound isolating earphones are the perfect choice for musicians and audiophiles alike. The SE215 earphones also feature Bluetooth connectivity, lasting comfort, and elimination of unwanted ambient noise. Thanks to our friends at Jands, we have a pair of these quality earphones to give away.

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Epiphone announce Limited Edition Slash Les Paul Standard Plus Top Pro

Featuring a Wild Anaconda Burst Finish

Epiphone have unveiled the Limited Edition Slash Les Paul Standard Plus Top Pro, a new collaboration with their global ambassador which is sure to take the cake as being the longest guitar name ever.

Modeled upon the recent Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul created in conjunction with the Guns N' Roses shredder, the new Slash Les Paul Standard Plus Top Pro Premium is limited to 100 hand signed and numbered guitars, and comes with a custom leather strap and Slash hardcase.