Reviewed: Gon Bops Bongo Cajon

Electric Factory | | Expect To Pay: $239

Gon Bops have been bringing out some very cool percussion gear, quickly demonstrating that they’re also a go-to when looking for a quality instrument. Players like Alex Acuna are playing Gon Bops exclusively now and maybe for some, this would be enough to entice them to have a look, but this latest offering should speak for itself. This time we have the Gon Bops Bongo Cajon. It is great, as I found out.

In case you were wondering, the Gon Bops Bongo Cajon is exactly that - a perfect combination of bongo and cajon. Think wooden box that you play suspended between your legs just like a set of bongos. There’s effectively two boxes/chambers but the instrument appears as one box with slightly angled sides for ergonomics.


Hits and Misses


Beautifully designed

Quality construction

Great sounds and playability


Polished surface can make it a little slippery to hold on to when playing hard


PRS unveil 2018 SE acoustic series

Six new acoustics from the all star manufacturer

As the product roll out for NAMM 2018 continues, PRS Guitars have dropped a doozy on us, announcing a new series of acoustic guitars that aim to please even the most picky of players.

Offering two new body shapes - the Angelus Cutaway and the Tonare Grand - with three different wood combinations for each, PRS claim in a press statement that the SE acoustic series aims "to offer players a wider selection of features than ever before, and no matter the model, to give musicians the perfect tool to utilize for songwriting, studio recording, or live gigging on stage."



Fender Introduces New American Original Series

Classic design meets modern ingenuity

Fender have unveiled their brand new American Original Series just in time for NAMM 2018, featuring a well-picked collection of golden era guitars re-imagined for the modern age.

Offering period correct pickups, era specific neck profiles and nitrocellulose lacquer finishes, the American Original series essentially recaptures the essence of the golden era of Fender's early production run throughout the mid twentieth century. To appease the modern player, Fender have also taken the grace of adding modern appointments to the American Original series such as vintage tall frets, modern fingerboard profiles and other small nuances to enhance playability, resulting in a fresh new series that seems set to storm the world.



Joe Satriani on playing for the right reasons

For those not privy to the process, normally a conference call operator is the person who connects media through to their interviewee. Imagine the surprise, then, when Joe Satriani – one of the world's most famous guitar players – cuts out the middle man and calls directly. “There's always a crazy amount of interviews – they make you do them all back-to-back on the one day,” he says. “I figured I'd just get through them all by myself.”

He's calling from his home in San Francisco, where winter is setting in and Christmas time is nearing. The down-period has allowed the 61-year-old virtuoso to reflect on what he's been up to this year – primarily, splitting his time between promoting his new documentary, Beyond the Supernova, and recording his upcoming 16th studio album, What Happens Next.



Reviewed: PreSonus FaderPort 16

Link Audio | | Expect To Pay: $1499

Most of you who keep an eye on home studio gear will certainly be aware of the PreSonus FaderPort. The original compact control surface for transport and fader controls made its way into many home studios over the last ten or so years, and still continues to be a popular option for simple mix tasks when you don’t want to use the mouse for every function. Well, with a few advancements in the last couple of years, PreSonus have now launched their flagship model in the FaderPort line, one that will offer far more control and a greater ‘hands-on’ workflow. Offering more than ever, the FaderPort 16 is here.

It’s pretty obvious that you’re looking at sixteen faders on this model as the name suggests. All are smooth action, long throw motorised faders that respond to touch and snap quickly into place when you shift the mixer up and down across the faders. What some users may find absent is the presence of a master fader, with all sixteen generally assigned to individual channels. This might be an issue for some, although it may well serve as a handy tool to keep users from adjusting listening levels by use of the master output, and will in turn drive them to adjust their monitor sends instead.

Hits and Misses


Sixteen motorised faders

Plenty of transport and control features

Easy DAW integration with new templates


Only one pan pot for all channels


Moog introduces DFAM (Drummer From Another Mother) analogue synthesiser

Sets The Bar For Product Names Of 2018

Moog has expanded its range of quality music equipment with the addition of DFAM (Drummer From Another Mother), the first addition to the Mother eco-system of semi-modular analogue synthesisers.

DFAM provides an interactive, hands-on approach to percussion creation, requiring no patching and no prior experience. The synthesiser sources its sound from a white noise generator and two wide-range analogue oscillators, with subsequent sounds able to be shaped with either the Low Pass or High Pass mode of the Moog Ladder.


Three analogue envelopes ensure DFAM behaves almost like a living organism with its realistic response, while the device also features Tempo, Run/Stop, Trigger, and Advance controls for further versatility.



KORG updates Legacy Collection of software synthesisers

Now Featuring ARP ODYSSEY

KORG's Legacy Collection, renamed the KORG Collection, is now bundled with the company's latest recreation, the ARP ODYSSEY.

Originally produced in 1972, the ARP ODYSSEY is an analog synthesiser that quickly garnered a following for its ease of use, portability, and value. Since then, KORG has faithfully recreated the synthesiser in digital form, completely reproducing the sounds and parameters based on its original circuitry from its physical state. 



Reviewed: Jackson Guitars Pro Series Demmelition King V

Jackson Guitars Australia | | RRP: $3299

The Jackson King V is an absolute classic. It personifies so much about metal guitar culture and has been a staple in the industry for decades. It’s bold, pointy, attention grabbing and perfect for any player who needs to riff or belt out a wailing solo. The Demmelition King V is the newest signature model from Machine Head’s Phil Demmel. It has all of the characteristics of the classic King V with a few special features to give a new take on the original.

As far as specs go, the Demmelition has everything you would expect from a modern metal guitar: active EMG pickups, a double locking Floyd Rose tremolo, a one piece through-body maple neck and 24 frets on an ebony fretboard. The Red Tide Fade gloss finish is a welcome change to the solid black finishes so commonly found on guitars of this nature. The additional bevels on the body might seem unnecessary to some, but they certainly let people know that this is no regular King V.


Hits and Misses


Well constructed

Killer finish


No hard case or coil tapping


Cort unveils six-string Artisan B6 Plus AS bass

"Built For Serious Players"

Cort's new Artisan B6 Plus AS is an incredibly well-built axe, combining modern upgrades with classic components in a design ideal for the everyday bass player looking for a professional upgrade.

Similar to other bass guitars in Cort's Artisan range, the B6 Plus AS boasts Bartolini MK-1 pickups to deliver warm, punchy mids with transparent, clear highs. These pickups are paired with the Markbass MB-1 EQ, resulting in an extremely well-rounded tone. 



Martin’s flagship Standard Series receives most significant update in 185-year history

Big News From NAMM 2018

Martin has shared details of new updates for their flagship range of acoustic guitars, the Standard Series, marking the most significant changes to the range in the company’s 185-year history.

Twenty-one of Martin’s Standard Series models have received changes, including the popular D-45 and 000-28. The updates aim to modernise traditional Martin models, while still retaining the rich history that comes with a company that has existed for almost two centuries.