This new instrument combines a theremin with an analogue synth

Meet The Theresyn

A Japenese inventor has introduced a new hybrid creation called the Theresyn, an instrument combining the characteristics of a theremin and a synth.

The theremin, a device first developed in the 1920’s that can be controlled with no physical contact, has been combined with an analogue synth engine in the Theresyn to create entirely new sounds. A touch pressure pad allows users to play faster with a Theresyn than they could with a theremin, while both the theremin and synth sounds are able to be mixed and detuned.



An envelope generator provides percussive sound alongside a string resonator perfect for generating rich harmonics. The Theresyn was introduced at Superbooth 2018 and while details are currently scarce, we’re definitely keen to find out more.


If you want to see a Theremin in person, check out this synth exhibition that's heading to Melbourne. For more on the Theresyn, stay tuned to the product's official website.