The Modern Jazz Collection And Cajon VIC KICK VFVKB4 & Cajon BRU-LLET

Vic Firth have released their latest line of drum sticks – the Modern Jazz Collection. Developed over the course of several years and in collaboration with several high profile artists, the series ranges from highly experimental to straight ahead.

While these sticks are labeled are called Modern Jazz they are exceptional in any musical setting, having been developed collaboratively with Jeff Ballard, Greg Hutchinson, Joe McCarthy and Lewis Nash.


The brand have also launched the Cajon Bru-lett, a product that marries elements of a brush and a mallet to produce both slap and bass tones when used on a Cajon. Added to this is the Cajon Vic Kick VFVKB4, a spherical foam rubber head that produces a warm, full bass tone when used on a Cajon with just the right amount of attack.



Vic Firth are distributed in Australia through