Neumann Gives the U87 Microphone a Makeover for 50th Anniversary

In a Shiny New Rhodium Chasis

Undoubtedly the holy grail of studio microphones, the Neumann U87 is receiving a luxurious redesign for its 50th birthday.

While the internal goods of the microphone remain the same, Neumann have pimped out the aesthetic qualities of its revered condenser, wrapping the microphone in a shiny Rhodium finish. For those unacquainted with the properties of rare ores and minerals, Rhodium is an extremely reflective and non-corrosive metallic element typically used in the construction of telescopes and jewellery –in other words, it’s really shiny.


Limited to 500 units, Neumann are shipping the 50th Anniversary U87 complete with an aluminium carry case and a pair of gloves to minimise your grubby fingerprints marking its shiny Rhodium surface. The microphone also includes a shock mount and a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by Neumann president Wolfgang Frassinet to hang on the wall of your bedroom studio.


Although there’s no word on availability or pricing within Australia, the 50th Anniversary U87 is set to fetch prices of up to 3,559 Euros, or roughly $5,400 AUD. We’re sure it’s totally worth it though.


For more information on Neumann products, visit Sennheiser Australia.