NAMM 2020: Gamchanger Audio release the Light optical spring reverb

The First Of Its Kind

Gamechanger Audio have dropped a bombshell in Anaheim, unveiling the world's first analogue optical spring reverb pedal - enter the Light.

Utilising infrared optical sensors to harness the full harmonic range of a Spring Reverb tank, the Light pedal might be one of Gamechanger Audio's most innovative products to date. By using extremely sensitive optical pairs placed at specific regions of the spring to pickup even the slightest nuance on the surface, the Light picks up an incredible range of frequencies, harmonics and overtones which are otherwise lost in the reverberation process. 


The nature in which the infrared optical sensors functions also enables the Gamechanger Audio Light to create a wide array of other kooky analogue sounds, such as Optival Reverb Tremolo, Modulation and Harmonic Shimmer, letting users tap into classic and experimental sounds alike. Check out how it sounds below, and stay tuned for more details on when they land in Australia soon. 



Visit Gamechanger Audio for more details on pricing and availability.