NAMM 2019: Audient caters to guitarists with all-new Sono amp modeling audio interface

NAMM 2019

The NAMM announcements just keep rolling in, and Audient has joined the party with the unveiling of its new amp modeling audio interface, Sono.

Sono enables users to create, record and store tones through a combination of analogue recording technology and Two Notes’ renowned Torpedo Power Amp Modeling and Cab Simulation. Features include a 12AX7 analogue valve, three-band total control and extensive I/O connectivity.



Spark your creativity by choosing to record through a range of classic guitar and bass cab models, such as the Marshall 4x12, Fender 2x12, Ampeg 8x10 and more.


Practically every feature in the Sono is customisable, ensuring you can achieve the most personable music experience possible. To top it all off, the handy device integrates seamlessly with your pedalboard to generate tones built from your favourite effects.


Audient is distributed in Australia through Studio Connections.