Moog and Korg release free synth apps amid Coronavirus outbreak

Keep Yourself Busy Indoors

Obviously, we're all going to be spending a whole lot more time indoors for the next while or so. Thankfully, Moog and Korg have released two of their coveted iOS and Android synthesiser apps to keep everyone entertained while stuck in solitude.

For the next few days, Moog's Minimoog Model D iOS app and Korg's iKaossilator Android and iOS applications are available to download for free, allowing you to keep entertained and switched on even if you do have to hunker down for the time being. 



In a post to social media, Moog said the release was a move to help "spread positivity", while Korg have stated the release should help fill the time of those who are "self-quarantining and working from home." At any rate, it defintiely sounds like a good excuse to get started on that long-awaited solo project you've been putting off for a while, hey? 


Head to the App Store and download both synths today.