Mooer Reecho Pro & Shimverb Pro

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Mooer’s Reecho and Shimverb pedals have been big sellers for the company, but still they felt the time was right to introduce a new generation. So after years of research and development, meet the twin Series! Where the originals kept things pretty tiny and simple, the twin Series line gives you a lot more control while maintaining a relatively small pedal board footprint - small for most companies, big for notoriously space-conscious Mooer.


The Reecho Pro is designed with floating-point DSP chips with new algorithms to improve on the tone of the original.
It includes six delay effects; Digital Delay, Galaxy Delay, Analog Delay, Real Echo, Tape Echo and Tube Echo. There are also three additional effects; Mod, which adds a chorus effect to the delay; Dynamic, which gives you ‘ducking’ functions that fade the delay in when you stop playing; and Reverse, for backwards weirdness. There’s a Tap Tempo function for easily adjusting the delay time, and there are seperate dry and wet level controls, high cut and low cut controls, ping pong function, loop function, stereo input and stereo output as well as the ability to store your preset. The Reecho Pro doesn’t go out of its way to get too weird, although it does have a few ear-catching tricks up its sleeve when you use the Reverse and Modulation modes, and the Loop setting is pretty handy although not quite up to the levels of complexity and interactivity you’ll get out of a TC Electronic Ditto-series or BOSS looper. The delay sounds are smooth and present, and it’s great that you can hit the ping pong switch and get bouncing-back-and-forth stereo delays.



Like the Reecho Pro, the Shimverb Pro also uses uses floating-point DSP chips and new hardware and algorithms. It has five different reverb effects - Room, Hall, Church, Plate and Spring - plus adjustable ’Shimmer’ effect which gives you +3,+4,+5,+7,+9 half-step modulation, plus an Octave button which adds another octave on top of those. There’s a dedicated footswitch to engage the Shimmer control, a Dry/Wet knob, Hi Cut/Low Cut function, and stereo inputs and outputs. This is a really cool pedal because it combines faithful ‘real world’ reverb effects that will be at home in country, alternative, jazz, rock & roll, blues, indie etc, but the Shimmer effect gives you a whole new world
of flashy processing that opens the Shimverb Pro up to more out-there sounds for progressive, djent or even electronica- influenced players. It’s also great that you can introduce or turn off Shimmer as you see fit. The reverbs might not be as complex as a high-priced studio ‘verb but they’re very impressive for a unit so compact and affordable. 

Hits and Misses


REECHO PRO: Flexible tone choices, Great stereo effects, Handy looper

SHIMVERB PRO Authentic reverb modes, Trippy Shimmer sounds


REECHO PRO: For this price it’s all hit!

SHIMVERB PRO: None. How dare you.