Mooer Mooergan Organ Simulator Pedal

Jade Australia | 1800 144 120 | | RRP: $169.95

The first time I came across an organ simulator pedal, I was seriously taken aback by just how cool and how clever of a concept it was. Over the last couple of years, there have been a number of variations pop up from a couple of manufacturers. While they’ve been great, they’ve all been a little on the expensive side. Now those guys at Mooer have gone full steam ahead to create a pedal of such ilk that isn’t about to empty your back account. Introducing Mooer’s latest release, the Mooergan organ simulator pedal.


A far cry from setting up a full MIDI rig with a divided pickup, the Mooergan makes it really simple to get three different organ sounds right out of your guitar. It fits in the signal chain just like any normal pedal would, and totally takes over the sound to create something that is quite unlike the original guitar tone. You are able to blend in the dry guitar sound if you want, with separate volumes for both organ and dry guitar sounds allowing you to find the perfect balance for an ensemble sound. But, with the dry mix turned down, it sounds mighty impressive as just the organ sound is allowed to shine. A modulation control allows you to adjust a set parameter on each of the three modes, giving more shimmer and tremolo variations to the organ tone.



Being far smaller than the other organ simulators on the market, you don’t get as many options, but what the Mooergan does offer is pretty impressive. The three modes are shining, hard and vintage, each with a distinct tone of their own. The hard setting was by far my favourite, with a very thick tone that works great for blues and soul music. What you do find is that you need to adjust the way in which you play guitar to get this pedal to sound right. It’s easy to blow it off straight away thinking it doesn’t sound right, but you need to consider your phrasing as you play. Ordinary guitar licks sound like a guitar pretending to be an organ, no matter how good the pedal is. If you adjust the phrasing, thinking of it as if played from a keyboard, this pedal totally comes to life! 


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Hits and Misses


Big organ sound in a little box

Sounds better than expected, when you get the hang of it


Limited control and options