Fiona Boyes, Lloyd Spiegel & Shannon Bourne Join International Players

The Melbourne Guitar Show has revealed its full lineup for 2017, boasting an array of renowned national and international players.

Joining the already announced Steve Hackett (UK) of Genesis fame, Canadian virtuoso Nick Johnston and UK fusion player Alex Hutchings are some of Australia’s best known six string heroes such as Lloyd Spiegel, Shannon Bourne and Fiona Boyes.


See the complete list below:

Steve Hackett (UK)
Nick Johnston (Canada)
Alex Hutchings (UK)
Lloyd Spiegel
Nick Charles
Geoff Achison & Matty T Wall
Doug De Vries
Phil Manning
Shannon Bourne
Bob Spencer
James Ryan
Fiona Boyes
Brett Kingman
Mike Elrington
Matthew Fagan
Gypsy Fire
Stevic MacKay (12 Foot Ninja)
Joseph Balfe (NZ)
Peter Baylor’s Ultrafox
Simon Gardner & The Big Sky
Marcel Yammouni & Andy Sylvio
Sarah Carroll
The Thin White Ukes
Opal Ocean
The Mercy Kills
Damnations Day
Stephen Taranto
Michael Dolce
Sergio Ercole
Alex Burns
Jay Parrino
The Omnific
Tiri Pestrivas
Jon Delaney
Tim O’Brien
The Triple M Finale jam



The Melbourne Guitar Show will take place on August 5 & 6, for more information head to