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For a long time Maton have been looking for ways to improve their incredibly popular 808 series of smaller bodied guitars, and it seems as though now, with their newest venture, they’ve achieved everything they set out to do.

A forward shifting of the X braces and the shifting of scallop peaks to nodal points around the soundboard help to enhance the vibration of the top of the new Maton SRS 808. The shifting of the X braces also allowed the inclusion of a second, parallel tone bar which allows the scalloping of both tone bars, and spreads the load while reducing mass. Adjusted bracing heights as well as a locked 15 foot radius for the arch of the back gives the plate resonance separation between top and back. The new 808 now has the full, open, lower frequency response we were looking for, as well as a crisp, well defined treble response. It sounds a whole lot bigger than a small bodied guitar should. Maton were hoping the end of this journey would produce a guitar that amazes the player at first strum, then continues to impress them. With the new 808 series they’ve done just that.