Mac DeMarco launches Advanced Recording Studio Tricks web series

Part Of The New Eternal Family Initiative

If you've ever wanted to tap into Mac DeMarco's creative process for your own works, you're in luck.

Launched today, Eternal Family is a new subscription-based online content initiative described as "artist-run membership experience and a place to try out new ideas.” The website is comprised of a range of educational classes and how-to videos, as well as some light-hearted and semi-surreal content which is probably a little less practical, but probably still pretty entertaining. Check out a trailer for ther service below.



If you're intrigued, DeMarco's first contribution to Eternal Family, which is a tutorial on building an Echo Chamber in a home studio environment, can be accessed online here. For some reason he's covered in Vaseline, but we're sure it's all part of the process - maybe.


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