Liam Gallagher's best tweets immortalised in Australian poster campaign

"As You F*cking Were, LG x"

Liam Gallagher, King Of The Lads, is promoting his first solo LP in Australia with a series of posters that simply display his best Tweets from the past year.

While Gallagher’s snide mug is plastered all over giant billboards and promotional displays across buildings in Britain, several people have spotted the Twitter posters across various locations in Sydney. Each of the posters features Gallagher’s signature sign-off ‘As You Were LG x,’ referring to the title of his new album As You Were, which is released on Friday October 6.


At this stage, it’s uncertain as to whether the campaign is exclusive to Australia, however in the meantime, at least we get to revel in the glorious 140 character wit of of Manchester’s favourite larrikin. Check out some of the posters below:



Liam Gallagher’s new LP, As You Were, will be released on Friday through Warner Brothers Records.