The Killers, Chance The Rapper, Imagine Dragons revealed as Woodstock 50th Anniversary headliners

We Really Do Not Know How To Feel About This...

In case you missed it, a few baby boomers are having another crack at Woodstock to celebrate its 50th anniversary - because nothing screams Three Days of Peace, Love and Music like cashing in on the legacy of a festival from half a century ago to sell overpriced t-shirts and $13 beers - soundtracked by Imagine Dragons, nonetheless.

Anyway, ranting aside, the 50th anniversary of the historic cultural event hasn't been without it's fair share of bad news. As reported by Billboard, the festival were supposed to announce their full lineup back in February, but were unable to meet their deadline after they were unable to deliver a full upfront fee to the artists booked to perform, raising concerns about the finances of the festival organisers. 

However, it all looks like Woodstock 50 is set to go ahead, with news emerging today that The Killers, Chance The Rapper and Imagine Dragons have also been booked in as headliners. Geezers will also be pleased to hear that Santana and Dead and Company, a spin-off of the Grateful Dead featuring John Mayer donning the role of Jerry Garcia, are also locked in to perform, offering a fat dose of jam rock goodness that's bound to take you back to the glory days. 



It's hinted that the festival aims to attract over 100,000 punters to the Watkins Glen International Speedway in order for the event to be a success - so go tell all your friends about it. A full lineup, featuring over 80 acts, is expected to drop within two weeks. 



Funnily enough, there's also another Woodstock 50th anniversary event locked in to occur later this year, the Bethel Woods Music and Culture Festival. Featuring the likes of Ringo Starr, Santana, The Doobie Brothers, Arlo Guthrie and the Edgar Winter Band, the festival is set go occur at the same location and on the same weekend of the original historic event.


Stay tuned to Mixdown for more news on when the full Woodstock 50 lineup drops.