Journalists and musicians team up to report censored news

Introducing The Uncensored Playlist

A new project by Reporters Without Borders Germany named The Uncensored Playlist aims to utilise music streaming services to spread censored news stories worldwide.

The program seeks to pair local journalists with local musicians in countries that heavily censor their news publishing, such as China, Egypt and Thailand. Musicians transcribe and morph the censored news to a song in both English and the country's native language, and subsequently release it for worldwide consumption via Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music. 


For international releases, the songs are credited to the journalists that wrote them under their operating alias, both for their own protection and to avoid censorship laws. Journalists involved in the project include the exiled Chinese journalist Chang Ping, members of the the Thai non-profit news network Prachatai, and Egyptian journalist Basma Abdel Aziz.