John Lennon's copy of infamous Beatles 'Butcher' record sells for $334,000

Now That's A Whole Lot Of Coin!

John Lennon's personal copy of The Beatle's record Yesterday and Today, which was withdrawn from the market in 1966 due to the graphic nature of its cover, has recently sold at auction for an eye-watering price of £180,000 (AUD $334,000), making it the third-highest price ever paid for a vinyl record.

Said to be the only album released by The Beatles that Capitol Records lost money on, the infamous cover for Yesterday and Today depicts the Fab Four dressed up in butchers aprons and adorned with bits of raw meat and decapitated baby dolls. Intended as an act of protest against the Vietnam War, the album cover didn't go down too well in the United States at the time, and was soon pulled from shelves, making it one of the most desirable LPs for Beatles fans.




Lennon's own copy of the record, which also features the signatures of Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, was sold yesterday at auction to an anonymous collector from the US for a whopping £180,000. Julien's Auctions, who hosted the bidding, claim that the sale is "a world record for a Beatles butcher cover and the third-highest price paid for a vinyl," as well as forecasting the record to be worth over £385,000 (AUD $714,465) in five years time.




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