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Istanbul Mehmet have announced the introduction of a much anticipated set of cymbals created in tribute to legendary drummer Tony Williams. Created as faithful replicas of the now iconic cymbals made famous by Tony Williams on the recordings of the 60s era Miles Davis Quintet, these exclusive new cymbals will be made available initially as limited edition numbered sets.

Enormous attention to detail was paid during their creation, with every minute aspect of the cymbals’ design; profile, taper, size, and weight. being scrupulously measured and factored to ensure that the new, hand made cymbals be as close in sound as possible to the originals. Hand-made in Turkey using the same techniques passed down from generation to generation of cymbal artisans, the Istanbul Mehmet Company has faithfully recreated what is arguably the most famous and most desired cymbal sound of all time. Available now, the Tony Williams Tribute Cymbal Limited Edition set features 22’’ Ride, 18’’ Crash and 14’’ Hi-Hats together with a deluxe leather cymbal bag, a selection of rare Tony Williams photographs and a certificate of authenticity.