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Announced at NAMM this year, the IOKS DC5 Link is a compact and professional power supply for effects pedals with 5 isolated outlets.

Standing at only 31mm high, the DC5 Link is able to fit under even the smallest Pedaltrain models, the PT-nano and PT-mini. It offers voltages 9V, 12V and 19V and has a total output current of 900mA. Four of the five outlets are switchable between 9V and 12V while the remaining outlet is switchable between 9V and 18V. Outlets 1,2 and 3 can deliver 100mA each, while outlets 4 and 5 are capable of delivering 300mA each. At this size, and with this much versatility, the DC5 Link is capable of powering just abut any pedal board efficiently and comfortably.