Introducing The 1000-Watt Studio Monitors by Wayne Jones Audio

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Wayne Jones, premier Australian bass player, producer and international charting recording artist, is a name that all bass players know for his outstanding high-end
and high-powered bass cabinets.

Now, the Australian-based manufacturer has been working on brand new studio monitors, which you can expect to see released later this year. The new 1000-watt monitors are built with the same philosophy as all Wayne Jones products, with a goal of finding the perfect sound. These monitor speakers are built using a 10” driver (which is also featured in the 1x10 bass cabs) with the highly acclaimed Italian Faital tweeter. They’re made from 19mm MDF due to its high-density properties and the results are stunning, with Wayne Jones Audio constructing a pair of monitors that produce an accurate representation of bass & drums unlike any other monitor. The 1000-watt studio monitors are now in the final testing stage, so it won’t be too long until you can get your hands on these amazing speakers.


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