The Guitar Cable That Can Produce 16 Different Tones

Capitance-Altering Lead

Circuit designer Larry Jasper and engineer Eric Valentine have revolutionised the capabilities of guitar leads.

Apparently, to those not among gear head and professional audio circles, it’s the capacitance that makes all the difference, with low capacitance giving a transparent tone that is in stark contrast to the vintage sounds achieved from higher levels.

But UnderTone Audio’s new device strikes the perfect balance. Jasper and Valentine banded together to create the Capacitance-Altering Vari-Cap. Containing a high-resolution variable capacitance control, it allows you to adjust from 150pF (picofarads) to 1650pF in 15100 pF steps. In more simplistic terms it means you can choose from up to 16 different guitar tones from you guitar lead which is really exciting and something few would think was possible.   


Check out this video for an in-depth interview with creator Eric Valentine.