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From the selection of Godin guitars we’ve seen through Mixdown over the last few years, they seem to offer a greal point of difference in their range of solid body, acoustic and archtop/hollowbody instruments. They’ve shown that they’re innovative, unique and built to last both physically and aesthetically to boot! Now they’re combining the ‘TriplePlay’ Wireless Guitar Midi Controller from the ever evolving Fishman brand into one of their own ‘Session Custom’ guitars. Godin now offers classic and modern electric guitar tones with midi controller capabilities.


Perhaps taking a little in_ uence from the Telecaster, the Session Custom is a single cut solid body electric with some nice curves on the Canadian Laurentian Basswood body. This example came in a glossy black but you can also get the guitar in a ‘Lightburst’ which highlights a little of the natural wood grain. I found the neck to be on the skinnier side of medium with the rounded heel joint giving you easy access to the 15th fret and beyond. Pickup wise, you get a humbucker in the neck and Godin’s ‘Custom Cajun’ single coil in the bridge. These have a 5 way control and global volume and tone control. Then tucked in between the single coil bridge pickup and the actual bridge is the hexaphonic pickup for the triple play system. Super skinny in size it’s not glaringly obvious and doesn’t detract from the overall aesthetic of the guitar. Control wise the triple play then uses a multi function button/ switch located near the vol/tone knobs.  


So yes, it does just look and feel pretty much like an electric guitar. This could be a big plus for dedicated midi guys as it’s a guitar setup and ready to go as a controller rather than attaching the pickup and controls as an add on. The on/off, wireless and usb port are all accessible on the back of the guitar, with the control buttons located near the tone and volume controls on the front of the guitar. And the fact that it transmits wirelessly is a real winner – no extra leads to plug in! Coming with a USB receiver you simply plug it in, pair it with the guitar and use the software. Of course there’s then much, much deeper control options if you really want to get into the nitty gritty midi controls.  


Guitar wise the Session Custom offers a good selection of tones suitable for Rock, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Country and more. Round, warm neck tones through to brighter, edgy sounds when using a single coil. The neck plays pretty fast so you’ll have no probs with you double stops, chicken picking or legato runs. Now, click into the world of the midi controller and it really ramps up. Recording, or for live use, the tracking of the Fishman TriplePlay is great and you can control soft synths, plugins and the like to transform your guitar into string pads, pianos, horns, sound effects…just about anything. And whilst some may think that’s only the realm of tech geeks, progressive music makers, electronic guys or non guitarists, the fact that the TriplePlay is factory installed and almost seamless to use and control means you can use it for as little as overdubbing some synth sounds when recording or running mega intricate scores and layers in a live setting. The possibilities will stretch as far as the limits of your imagination, this is a seriously cool piece of guitar mastery.


Hits and Misses


Sounds and feels great as a straight up electric guitar

Midi capability hugely expand the guitar’s possibilities

Factory installed and designed makes it look slick

Amazing wireless midi control


Only comes with a gig bag (no hard case)


• Canadian basswood body
• Rock maple neck with maple or rosewood ngerboard
• Godin Tru-Loc Tremolo system
• Godin Humbucker in the neck and ‘Custom Cajun’ single-coil pickup in the bridge
• 5-way switch, 1x volume and 1x tone knob
• Integrated FISHMAN TriplePlay wireless guitar controller system