Godin Guitars debut the Stadium HT electric

Another Offering From The Canadian Luthiers

Godin are back in a big way. Following the launch of their new Radium models a fortnight ago, they've gone ahead and unveiled the Stadium HT - a very Telecaster-like guitar which manages to walk the line between vintage and modern.

Crafted from lightweight Canadian Laurentian basswood with a hard rock maple neck, the Stadium HT is available with both a rosewood and maple fretboard, depending on what finish you're getting. It's fitted with two single-coil pickups - a Godin GGS-3 in the neck and a Custom Godin Cajun in the bridge, letting you access classic Tele twang as well as a myriad of other modern tones.


The Staidum HT also includes the nifty addition of a slanted three-way pickup switch, which looks way more natural than a regular three-way Tele pickup selector, and the somewhat controversial lack of a pickguard, giving it a much more contemporary vibe. Hear how it sounds below.



Elsewhere, this model is pretty much what you'd expect from a T-style guitar - there's controls for master volume and tone, as well as a vintage-style control plate, a string-thru-body design with three brass saddles and an ashtray bridge, slightly contoured to allow for comfortable fingerpicking. The Stadium HT is also available in three unique finishes: Matte Black and Havana Brown both feature a maple fretboard, while rosewood is paired up with a Trans White finish for a classic touch.


Godin Guitars are distributed domesticaly via Dynamic Music.