Genelec 8010A Active Studio Monitors

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You’ve got to hand it to the Fins; they know how to build quality products, especially when we are talking about studio monitors. Most of you should know of Genelec and the quality in precision audio monitoring that the name represents, but not all of you would have had the pleasure of working with them before. And trust me, you want to hear them. Whether it is a large surround setup for movie post-production, right down to the most compact audio editing setup, there is a Genelec speaker to suit the task at hand. Which brings us to what is currently set up on the desk in front of me, the Genelec 8010A compact studio monitors.


When you think of 3-inch drivers in a monitor speaker, it is easy to write it off
 as a little pointless. Genelec has proved this to be far from the truth with the 8010A monitors. They are super compact, but incredibly well built and deliver in spades when you need them too. The metal housing gives them plenty of weight and 
a very solid, rear ported cabinet to work from. And given that these are designed for audio editing on the go, their size is ideal, as too are the mounting options. Several threaded connections are available on the rear for wall mounting in a studio or even an OB van for the mobile editing and recording rig. When used on the desktop, these have an incredible suspended rubber feet system that removes any vibrations and leaves the speakers free and isolated for increased performance.


As with any Genelec speakers, clarity is the key with the 8010A monitors. They offer an incredibly detailed recreation of your audio mix, so much so that you will start questioning your playing, hearing every detail, and of course, every error. Each one is made to an exacting standard, so you know they will be balanced and perfectly matched whether you are running a pair, or fitting out a room for a 7.1 surround system. Of course, the 3-inch driver does lack some low frequency reproduction as Genelec haven’t gone and pushed the EQ to make up for the driver’s size, as many other manufacturers might do. These
 will perfectly match up with the 7050B subwoofer when you need to fill out the room across the entire frequency range. But, by themselves you still get pristine, at and focused audio monitoring. They kind of make me wish I didn’t have to go back to using my other monitors at home now.


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Compact housing for intimate setups

Excellent isolation with suspended foot design

Unbelievable quality in sound


For their size, their isn’t anything to fault with these gems