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When you hear the name Fish­man, you instantly think of amaz­ing gui­tar pick­ups. And rightly so as they are known to make some of the best pick­ups for acoustic gui­tars as well as asso­ci­ated pre­amp sys­tems to com­pli­ment these pick­ups. But, most of you would not gen­er­ally think of trick­ing up your Fender Strat with a Fish­man, unless you were going for that piezo in the bridge that might strug­gle to trans­late. Well, all that is about to change as Fish­man have finally dipped their feet into the elec­tric gui­tar mar­ket with their first mag­netic pick­ups for Strats.


What these pick­ups offer is a whole new take on the clas­sic “cop­per coil around a mag­net” design. Given the vari­a­tions that can occur with dif­fer­ent wind­ings of a pickup, and the dam­age that can occur when a cop­per coil is mis­treated, Fish­man dropped this idea for what they claim to be 48 lay­ers of traces around the mag­nets. This presents a more even sta­tic field and deliv­ers a noise­less repro­duc­tion of the sig­nal cap­tured from the string’s vibra­tions. It all sounds a lit­tle tech­ni­cal, and ulti­mately requires a bat­tery to run the sys­tem, so instantly there will be some tone junkies out there who will be fear­ful of these pick­ups before they have even heard them. But, let’s not get lost in the past and allow our­selves to miss out on what Fish­man have brought to the table in their first attempt at ampli­fy­ing the elec­tric guitar.


What the Flu­ence pickup gives you, is the abil­ity to get mul­ti­ple sounds from a sin­gle pickup with­out hav­ing to vary the amount of cop­per coils or the size of the mag­nets. You can get two very dif­fer­ent voices in these sin­gle coil pick­ups to suit a range of uses. The first being a clas­sic, vin­tage tone and the sec­ond a hot­ter, Texas style voic­ing that still has plenty of high fre­quen­cies and still sounds very much like a Strat pickup. Easy to wire in, these pick­ups drop in to replace stan­dard pick­ups and don’t need any mod­i­fi­ca­tion to the gui­tar at the instal­la­tion stage, so you can swap them in and out of each and every gui­tar you own, if you like. Or, just buy a set for every Strat in your col­lec­tion and be done with it. If you like high out­put, low noise pick­ups in your Strat and are a lit­tle tired of how all the oth­ers sound, per­haps the Fish­man Flu­ence could be the next pickup for you.

Hits and Misses


Eas­ily wires in like a stan­dard pickup

Noise­less, even tone with­out irregularities

Mul­ti­ple voic­ing from sin­gle pickups


These are going to be a hard sell to tone junkies

Bat­ter­ies always feel like a nui­sance in a mag­netic pickup


  • Voice 1 Peak Fre­quency: 4khz
  • Voice 2 Peak Fre­quency: 3khz
  • Mag­netic Mate­r­ial: Alnico Iv
  • Mag­netic Cir­cuit: Rod Mag­nets
  • Typ­i­cal Gauss Strength At String: 260 Gauss
  • Pole Spac­ing: 52.2mm
  • Out­put Imped­ance: 2k
  • Cur­rent Draw: 2.4ma
  • Bat­tery: 9-Volt / Fbp100
  • Bat­tery Life: 200 Hours