Fender Release Tele That Changes Colour With Temperature

A Thermochromic Finish

Not only is the sheer amount of new products that Fender produce impressive, they should also be given kudos for allowing their brains trust to think outside of the box when it comes to more out there inventions.

Just this year we have seen guitars made out of the original bench seats of the Hollywood Bowl, amps made out of a US battle ship from the late 1700s, and a Stratocaster made completely of agave.


However, it turns out that they can still surprise us with this thermochromic Telecaster, which was built for Joseph Morinelli of US band Joywave. From the looks of things it’s basically a normal Tele, except that the liquid crystal thermochromic finish changes colour as it responds to heat. We’re not sure if any more of these are planned to be made, but we’d be pretty keen to see it in action, for now you can check out a brief video posted on Joywave's Facebook below with the tag line 'When your guitar is liquid crystal thermochromic and the venue has no AC'.



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