Sounds Amazing

LA-based cardboard company Ernest Packaging set out last week to build a fully functional Stratocaster made completely out of cardboard. In the past, the company have built working cardboard skateboards, snowboards and surfboards, but for this challenge, they set out to recreate the classic guitar, with the help of Fender Custom Shop master builder Paul Waller.

When developing a build strategy one of the most difficult challenges the team faced building the guitar was overcoming the obstacle of having 250 pounds of torque on the neck from the string tension.


Once the cardboard body and neck were constructed; the guitar was then cut out and tested by a number of astonished Fender employees. The custom shop workers were blown away with the sound and overall build quality of the guitar. 


The guitar was then delivered to Linkin Park's Chester Bennington and Brad Delson, who put the impressive Cardboardcaster to the test.


Brad Delson couldn’t believe the guitar was made out of cardboard, and was impressed with how similar it was to the real thing, as well how cool it looked!


The holes from the cardboard give the guitar a see-through, almost invisible finish. This Stratocaster is truly a reflection of the remarkable and versatile building capability of fender.