Fender announces new Hot Rod amp series

The Ever Popular Range Just Got Bigger

Since being first introduced over 20 years ago, Fender's Hot Rod series has been a go-to for guitarists around the world, with the versatility and reliability of the series writing it into modern rock history. To keep the ball rolling, Fender have announced the Hot Rod IV series, updating four of their best amps with new aesthetics and electronics just in time for NAMM 2018.

Two staple amps for the modern guitarist, the Fender DeVille 212 and the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, have copped an upgrade with the new Hot Rod IV series, with updated preamp circuitry and smoother spring reverb being added to improve sonic functionality. Both the DeVille and Deluxe also feature improved aesthetics such as a lighter pine cabinet, improved control panel graphics, ivory pointer knobs, and a steel-reinforced strap handle.



While the Hot Rod Blues Junior IV boasts improvements similar to that of its larger DeVille and Deluxe brethren, the Hot Rod Pro Junior IV has been granted a significant facelift, with Fender redressing the amp in a classic '50s lacquered tweed covering with a vintage cloth grille. Further upgrades include a 10" Jensen speaker, a modified volume circuit with tighter bass, and a chrome control panel with a red jewel light.



For more details on the new Hot Rod IV series, check out Fender Music Australia