The New Range With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connectivity

The Mustang GT guitar amp range combines with Fender’s new Tone app to enhance sharing and parameter altering options through Bluetooth and WI-Fi connectivity.

Fender’s Generation Three modelling provides 21 amp models in line with the three available combinations: the tabletop 2x6” G40, and the gig-ready 1x12” GT 100 and 2x12” GT 200. All combinations are capable of USB recording, while the 100 and 200 feature XLR line outs and effects loops to be used with the 45 available effects.


The range allows guitarists to create setlists from custom preset groups with Fender also catering to beginners by including advice on basic amp knowledge for less experienced users. Fender has further enhanced the range with playlists created specifically for the amps by artists such as Grimes, Joe Bonamassa, Josh Klinghoffer, and Scott Ian.


For more information head to fender.com.au.