Fender announce new Tone 3.0 mobile app

Enhancing Their Digital Amplifier Range

Fender have detailed the latest iteration of the Tone mobile application, which is set for release on all platforms tomorrow.

The Tone 3.0 update is compatible with iOS, Mac, PC and Android devices alike, and brings a whole new high resolution 3D look to the table to give it a bit of a polish up. The update also features real-time interactivity, improved signal path flexibility and Bluetooth compatibility. 


If you're using Fender's Mustang GT guitar amps or the Rumble bass range, the Tone app is an absolute no-brainer to own. It boasts over 70 different effects models, and there's 39 different amp types on offer so you can tweak your tones to your heart's content. Who needs tubes anyway?



Find out more about the Fender Tone App here.