A Fallen Prince's Final Guitar

The Purple Special

After the unexpected death of Prince last week, there has been endless homage paid to his past works, his legendary performances and his iconic instruments. Therefore, it’s only fitting that the fallen ‘Purple Rain’ pop icon's final guitar be the ultimate, Purple Special.

The last guitar to ever be crafted for Prince was a custom designed piece by Simon Farmer from Gus Guitars in East Sussex. Beginning his work on the incredible looking instrument nine years ago, Farmer was finally able to hand it over at the beginning of March.


Playing it at his concerts, Prince even had ordered a bass guitar from Farmer before his unfortunate and unforeseen passing. Speaking about the guitar, Farmer said, “The Purple Special I built for Prince was the ultimate expression of my G1 design and every aspect tailored to suit him".



"He liked it and ordered a bass straight away, which I was working on when he died," Farmer added. "It was amazing to see he had performed with it and liked it so much he wanted another guitar from me. I've been told it was the last guitar he owned."


Focusing on the requested bass, Mr Farmer said the news of Prince’s death came as a shock; however, he wants to finish the guitar for him. Ultimately, Farmer’s Purple Special is sure to hold a special place in his heart.



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