Electro-Harmonix is bringing a trio of new effects to your pedalboard

The EHX Trifecta

Electro-Harmonix have opened the final month of 2018 with the announcement of not one, but three new pedals to join their ever-popular range: the Flatiron Fuzz, Nano Battalion Bass Preamp and Overdrive, and the Sovtek Deluxe Muff Pi.

Flatiron Fuzz

This versatile pedal is a powered fuzz/distortion unit offering a distinctive sound thanks to late ‘70s-style circuitry and symmetrical hard clipping. With three controls for volume, drive and filter, the Flatiron Fuzz is easy to operate and can produce everything from mild distortion to dense drive tones.


Nano Battalion Bass Preamp and Overdrive



Offering a huge variety of distorted tones, the Nano Battalion Bass Preamp features all-analogue circuitry and a selection of user-friendly controls. It boasts a MOSFET drive circuit, three-band EQ, and a ¼" input jack and ¼" output jack.


Sovtek Deluxe Muff Pi



Combining the powers of the Civil War, Green Russian, and Deluxe Big Muff, the Sovtek Deluxe Muff Pi offers almost everything you could need from a pedal. Seven distinct features stand out on the pedal: MIDS EQ, footswitch for MIDS EQ, gate, blend, wicker, expression pedal input, and true bypass.


Electro-Harmonix is distributed in Australia through Vibe Music Distribution.