EarthQuaker Devices release second batch of SUNN O))) Life distortion pedals

Golden Tones

After the immense popularity of their initial batch a few months back, EarthQuaker Devices have released another run of SUNN O))) Life distortion pedals - this time in a deluxe gold chassis.

Internally, these ones are identical to the previously released models, with the only discernable difference being the aged gold metal that houses the guts of the unit. Only 500 pedals are available in this run, with 300 being sold through Reverb and the remaining 200 being sold directly by the band at their shows. 



If you're an absolute SUN O))) super fan and love having your ears blasted by a zillion dBs of harsh distorted droning noise, you might be interested in snagging the Gold Life pedal alongside the band;s latest yellow vinyl issue of Life Music. There's only 100 of these bundles on offer though, so get in quick.



Head to Reverb to get all the details and sign up for updates for when sales go live.