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I’m sure most of you know about the Mark Bass range of amplifiers. We've reviewed plenty in Mixdown over the last couple of years and they’re renowned for being lightweight and standing out ahead of the pack with their vibrant black and yellow designs. However, if you’re unfamiliar with DV Mark, their electric guitar range of amplifiers, listen up as the new Triple 6 III amp is just one example of how, in a relatively short time, DV Mark have been able to take an Amp and make it shine.


For those of you who used or own the original Triple 6, you will instantly notice the new housing on this version. Gone is the metal grill and almost industrial, rack-like look of the first model. The Triple 6 III is now housed in a tidy looking tolex covered wooden cabinet, that sports a low profile, yet still bears some resemblance to its predecessor. It does have quite a unique look about it, especially with the side mounted handle design that’s paired up with rubber feet on the opposite side. This allows you to carry the Triple 6 III with a lower centre of gravity for easier transport. Plus, it allows for other units to be stacked on top without the handle getting in the way. A big point of difference in the look is the DV Mark logo which lights up. Yes, it has a light. But, the Italians have put some thought into this having it change colour depending on what channel you are on, marking it easy to know what is going on with your amp at a glance.



It isn’t all about the looks though, what we really care about is how this amp sounds. The _ rst word that comes to mind is ‘loud’. The KT77 power amp stage has plenty of headroom and it shows from the clean channel right through to the dirtiest of tones, and dirty is where it head pretty quickly. Each channel is independently voiced with a separate three band EQ on top of that. After the warm clean channel though, straight away it gets pretty dirty. The second channel is a little different to the original with more of a crunchier sound to it than the previous high gain version. Channel three is left to the serious high gain. This really works in the amp’s favour as it brings some more versatility to the three channels, although channel 2 can still be wound right up for a ripping sound if you want. On top of this, there is a boost option available from the footswitch that adds 6dB after the preamp stage to any channel, allowing you to stand out for solos, or just get that extra volume you need to drown out the other guitarist.   



Hits and Misses


It has a cool light that changes colour with channel selection

Plenty of headroom for any application

Lightweight and compact design

Three very different, very usable channels


Channel switching is located on the rear when not using the footswitch


  • Power output: 120W
  • Preamp tubes: 3x ECC83
  • Power tubes: 2 x KT88, 1 x ECC83
  • Channels: Three
  • Controls:Gain - Master - Presence
  • EQ Controls: Bass -Mid - High
  • Weight:12.1 Kg