Dixon Drums Cajon Pedal Plus

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With the growing popularity of cajons in the percussion world at the moment and the increasing use of stomp boxes by guitar players as part of their acoustic setup, it’s easy to understand why we’re seeing products like the Dixon Cajon Pedal enter the market. A simple and rugged design ensures that this pedal will properly deliver the results you need, and give you the dynamic range of sounds a Cajon offers as a stomp-box substitute.


The concept is simple enough, and one that has been used in various percussion setups for some time now. This is essentially a kick drum pedal with the ability to have the beater set up at a distance from the pedal itself, so it can work at different angles and in different applications. Mainly designed for use with a cajon, it allows a cajon player to have a pedal that is oriented correctly for when they are sitting on the drum, whilst the beater is turned around to face the drum itself. This allows the cajon player to not only use both hands on the instrument, but to also introduce a third beater for additional rhythm. In this regard, it’s a very handy tool for an acoustic guitarist looking to add some percussive depth to their playing.



The clever design of this remote kick pedal means it can be adjusted to work in a wide range of situations. It can be used up a stand to strike any percussion items you have mounted on there, even a cymbal. It can also be set up to hit the underside of a floor tom should you wish, but it is especially well suited to use with cajons as the anchor frame is designed so that the base can be securely mounted to the underside of a cajon. The dense foam striker has a firm hit to it, but still keeps the thump in its sound, without too harsh of an attack. This allows it to work well with a range of other percussion, and gets the most of the lower frequencies from your cajon, leaving you to get the snap and sizzle with the touch of your hands on the upper section of the drum. All up, it is well built and with a clever design. While it is purpose-built for the cajon, it affords you the luxury of having a multi-purpose pedal that can be used for a variety of other percussive purposes too.


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Hits and Misses


Hands free cajon beats

Works with a range of uses and instruments

Tough construction, ready to deliver a beating


Setup and pack down can be a little awkward


  • Material: Steel
  • Dimensions: 26cm x 48cm x 8.9cm
  • Weight: 3.8kg