Three New Products Prove the Company is Still in Their Prime

Denon DJ have been have been leading the DJ market for several years now, thanks to their continual release of cutting edge products.

The new ‘Prime’ range is no exception to this, being made up of three products – the SC5000 Prime Media Player, the X1800 Prime Mixer and the VL12 Prime Turntable. SC5000 is perhaps the most exciting of the trio, with the onboard Engine Prime software enabling 100 percent standalone performance without the need of involving a computer.


One of the most compelling features about Engine Prime is the ability to write new metadata, such as cues and loops to your music and then take those updated files with you to your next gig. The VL12 turntable is the first non super-OEM turntable since the Technics 1200. It is all analogue, and boasts industry leading motor isolation and feedback rejection - giving you the best possible sound and performance in the most demanding of conditions.



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