Dee Dee Ramone's original '75 Precision Bass is up for auction

You've got three days to make your bid

An original 1975 Fender Precision Bass played and owned by Dee Dee Ramone has been listed online for auction.

The bass was Dee Dee's preferred workhorse for performing onstage between 1979 and 1982, where it was then used in the studio up until Dee Dee's departure from The Ramones in 1989. A letter of provenance from one of the band's associates Chris Lamy claims that the bass was sold in 1989 as a means of Dee Dee 'cleansing himself' of the band.



The P Bass itself features a fair bit of wear and tear as well as a number of modifications, including a red pickguard and a caulk seal to stop Dee Dee's sweat seeping into the pickguard and soaking the electronics. Very punk indeed. 


If you're keen to take a punt on this historic bass, you can check out the auction in greater detail here. It's expected to fetch at least $40,000, which is pretty reasonable for an instrument associated with such a movement as The Ramones. 



Check out the instrument in greater detail here.