Control your pedals over MIDI like never before with the Step Audio Pilot Wave

Step Sequence Your Stompboxes

Step Audio have shared details of the Pilot Wave, a new pedal which seeks to become the ultimate companion to all your MIDI-fitted pedals.

Utilising a 16 step sequencer, Pilot Wave lets you modify up to ten parameters of your MIDI-synced pedals at once, using a tap tempo switch and a MIDI Clock sync to make sure everything's in time. The pedal ships with 16 presets to link up with techy effects such as the Chase Bliss Condor, Meris' Hedra and Enzo effects and a handful of models from Strymon, with up to 128 presets being accessible via an external MIDI controller. 


By using the step sequencer in conjunction with the Pilot Wave's footswitch, users can manipulate a variety of effect parameters to make for a dynamic live functionality, including flexing sequence tempo. You're able to control up to ten pedals at any time, which could definitely create some crazy results, especially if you're using some of the more sophisticated and weird pedals from Meris or Chase Bliss in particular.



Check out the demo above for a brief overview of what it's capable of - if you're the kind of player who integrates their effects with a MIDI setup, you'll be frothing at the mouth for this one. 


Head to Step Audio's website to find out more about the Pilot Wave today.