Chase Bliss Audio introduces Warped Vinyl HiFi pedal

Upgrading The Analogue Vibrato/Chorus Effect

The popular Chase Bliss Warped Vinyl pedal has received an update, returning in the form of a new HiFi version.

The Warped Vinyl HiFi is an analogue vibrato/chours pedal that improves on the qualities of its predecessor thanks to upgrades from Chase Bliss Audio. The pedal generates a sound simulating the effect of a warped vinyl record with this latest iteration providing a host of new features.


Changes include a lag knob for chorus tones, reduced noise in comparison to the MKII version of the pedal, and opportunities for clearer, brighter, and sharper tones, all of which operate while ensuring your guitar signal stays analogue. 



Chase Bliss Audio are distributed in Australia through Gladesville Guitar Factory