Bogner announce Neve-designed effects pedal reissues

Based On Classic Consoles From The Sixties

Bogner are set to reissue three classic effects pedals featuring components designed in collaboration with audio king Rupert Neve.

The new Bogner V2 reissue range is comprised of a boost, overdrive and distortion, and features a much more compact aluminum enclosure and a 100% pure analogue signal path with true bypass. Each unit boasts a Rupert Neve Designs audio transformer, gracing the effect with a studio-like dynamic response inspired by the golden era of Neve mixing consoles.


For a subtle, transparent boost, the Harlow V2 offers 'dynamic three-dimensional punch' courtesy of its Bloom compression feature, helping you slice through the mix with just a hint of sauce. Bogner's Wessex V2 provides a much more overdriven colour with an Enhance/Neutral switch to flick between different tone voicings, letting you snark things up a bit with ease. If you like it loud and rowdy, the Burnley V2 distorion should leave you happy, dishing out 'hot crunch to high-gain annihilation' with a Fat/Tight switch to flick between voices.



All of Bogner's new Neve V2 reissue pedals also feature a dynamic responsive jewel light, which flickers in tandem with the attack of your picking or strumming. These units definitely look set to appeal to those seeking a classic boutique tone, and they look pretty slick to boot!


For inquiries, head to EGM Distribution.