Audio-Technica AE2300 Instrument Microphone

Audio-Technica | | RRP: $499

With such a wide selection of dynamic vocal microphones available for both
 stage and studio, it seems that the humble instrument microphone often gets overlooked and yet it is just as important as the bold and proud vocal microphone that gets all the attention. One might even say that instrument microphones are more important, as they deliver most of the sound to the audience from a stage. So, maybe it is time to reconsider what you use for you brass, percussion and especially guitar cabinets when looking 
for a microphone option. Don’t just settle for a spare vocal microphone, a dedicated instrument like the Audio-Technica AE2300 is what your sound deserves.


It’s amazing how many guitarists spend countless dollars trying to perfect their tone, yet when they get on stage they are happy for the sound guy to use any old microphone to get that sound into the PA system. What a waste. So, once you have found your sound, why not give it the continued signal path that it deserves? That is where the Audio- Technica AE2300 is going to change the way you think about your live sound. Firstly, it 
is more than happy to take a pelting with extremely high sound pressure levels, so you can run it right up to the speaker on any amp and not worry about it breaking up at all. And that is what it’s all about, working well when the volume is up. You still get a beautiful clarity and pristine capture of your amplifier’s tone. So much so that there will be nowhere for you to hide any faults in your playing, the audience will hear it all.


This microphone is built with the quality that I have come to expect of Audio-Technica microphones over the years. It is simple and solid in design and it gets the job done. The clever addition of a Low Pass Filter set around 6K allows you to pull back any hissing or sizzle that might come from a noisy guitar amp when running at high volumes and high gain settings. And that is what the AE2300 wants to do, operate in high volume environments. It delivers a clear and focused sound, without any environmental noise, so it is perfect for loud stages where separation of sound is critical. You will hear the difference in your fold-back and the audience will hear the difference out the front. Put simply, your guitar rig deserves a microphone like this in front of it. 


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Very compact, extremely rugged build

Handles high SPLs with ease

Big, bold and punchy sound


I wish I had found these sooner