Apple are now offering free 90 day trials of Logic Pro X

Reckon You Can Make A Record In Three Months?

Apple have joined the list of companies dishing out the free lockdown goods, making both Logic Pro X and Final Cut Pro X available to download for free over the next few months.

Although all you video editing buffs will know that Final Cut Pro is available as a 30 day free trial online, this marks the first time that Logic Pro X has been offered as a trial, with both 90 day trials set to be made available via the App Store shortly. 


If you're using a Mac to make music, consider this DAW to be essential - it's bundled with a whole heap of awesome plugins and software instruments, and can even be pretty nifty for mixing too. It's literally all you need to make a song from start to finish, and three months is more than enough time to bang out a track or two. 



Check out the App Store to grab your free 90 day trial today.