The One, Duet, and Quartet Interfaces Are Now Windows Friendly

After ten years of being exclusive to Mac and iOS, US-based audio crew Apogee is finally bringing its series of acclaimed audio interfaces to Windows 10.

In a statement posted on their website, Apogee announced the latest generations of Solo, Duet and Quartet interfaces will soon be compatible with Windows 10, with a firmware update set to be released in the next month. Customers who have purchased the latest versions of these products will be able to register and download the update for Windows from an installer made available through Apogee's website.


The software installer is set to include a new firmware package, as well as a custom ASIO audio driver and PC compatible version of Apogee Maestro for low latency monitoring and extensive interface control. Furthermore, all of this functionality can be used interchangably between Windows, iOS and Mac systems, meaning you'll be able to use Apogee's interfaces with all of your devices.


While the update is set to be released in November, it's important to note that not all of Apogee's products will be compatible with Windows 10. For a full list, check out their website here


Apogee is made available in Australia via Sound Distribution.