ALDI is releasing signature cheese for Guns N’ Roses, Def Leppard, Wham! and more

Pour Some Gouda On Me

ALDI has announced the forthcoming release of a limited-edition line of music-themed cheeses with what has to be the best names in dairy.

As reported by Delish, signature cheeses are on the way for some of your favourite musical acts, and each one sports a name that is as cheesy as the food itself.


Guns N’ Roses fans can treat themselves to a slice of ‘Sweet Cheddar of Mine’, while Wham! aficionados will love ‘Wake Me Up Before You Goat Goat’. Cyndi Lauper is represented by ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fontina’, Bonnie Tyler receives the honour of ‘Total Eclipse of the Havarti’, and Michael Jackson joins the pack with ‘Billie Goat Is Not My Lover’.



But frankly, the greatest cheese title of them all has to go to Def Leppard with the ingenius ‘Pour Some Gouda On Me’.


Word is scarce on whether we can expect the cheese in Aussie ALDI stores any time soon, but we remain hopeful – puns that good deserve international recognition.


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