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The Bachelor of Music (Audio) is a thorough and complete study of sound engineering and music technology at the Australian Institute of Music.

The course combines three technology streams to ensure students are highly skilled and qualified by course completion.


The Audio Major Study stream is highly practical. During stage 1 and 2, students learn the foundation mixing and recording skills, and then choose one of four specialised audio pathways. The benefit for AIM students is that they learn specialised skills in the area they are most interested in and will gain experience and knowledge in that environment.


Four Pathways commences at stage 3, and feature the specialised pathways as follows: The Professional Studio, Live Sound Production, Media Post-Production and The Digital Studio.


The Audio Technology Stream focuses on the theoretical aspects of sound engineering. This includes: acoustics, perception of hearing, digital audio, sampling, electronics and system design. The last stream, Digital Technology, focuses on the software used in the field of sound and music production.


All units are undertaken in the Digital Media lab with access to digital audio workstations.