Ableton introduce CV Tools for Live 10

Controlling Your Modular Synth Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

If you're part of the modular synth master race, you'll be stoked with this: Ableton have just announced the introduction of CV Tools For Live, a new suite which lets you control your Eurorack modules within the confines of the intuitive DAW.

CV Tools For Live, which is now available for free download for Ableton users in its public beta stage, utilises a compatible, DC-coupled audio interface to send and receive CV/trigger signals both to and from your external synth modules. Developed in conjunction with Skinnerbox, the CV Tools suite features ten separate modules, with each boasting the ability to handle different communication and modulation tasks. 


The CV Instrument, which lets you control your modular unit through CV/Gate, contains modulation generators such as a shaper and two envelopes, while the CV Triggers module is designed to control drums using key-mapped configurable triggers. There's also a CV utility module which serves as an all-encompassing modulation tool, allowing you to use Live's intuitive automation to control your synth, as well as combining or layering separate control signals. 




For further sound sculpting, there's a CV LFO and a CV shaper module which allows for the creation of complex, LFO-styled complex modulation waveforms, as well as the CV Envelope Follower module which can create CV signals from audio events in Ableton Live 10. If that's not good enough, CV Tools For Live also allows you to control Ableton Live through your modular synth, promising a range of flexibility over tempo control or parameter modulation - what a huge update. Kudos to you, Ableton.


Find out more about CV Tools For Live via Ableton today.